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What is Wikalong?

Wikalong is a Firefox Extension that embeds a wiki in the Sidebar of your browser, which corresponds to the current page you are viewing.

In its simplest form, a wiki-margin for the internet, but it can be much more.

We need to finalize a logo.

What are some possible uses?

  • Also See. Interactive pointers on where else to look
  • Discussion. Just plain old commentary
  • Notes. Plain old note taking
  • A roaming blog. Use kwiki's blog feature and you can edit, others can view your thoughts on a site by site basis
  • Web Site development (don't forget you could restrict your wiki behind http auth)
    • Developer Notes, todo lists on a page by page basis.
    • Corporate Notes, suggestions to developers, things they'ld like to see
    • Support / Sales Tool, script or advice to support team (on a per page basis, you get the idea)
    • Users install for self help
  • Adblock. Recording of effective Adblock filters for the current page.
  • Product reviews. Perhaps eventually with Amazon-like ratings?


What's left to do?





  • Pierre Magistry for help with migration to Firefox 1.5 and cleaning up the layout of the extension files.
  • Yhancik for current WikalongLogo
  • I just want to thank all the people that have been using this and getting it started! I appreciate your patience with the numerous bugs and problems.
  • Many more to come for helping me with this.
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Project News

  • [2006-11-06] Support for Firefox 2
  • [2006-02-05] Support for
  • [2006-01-25] Newest version is on
  • [2006-01-22] Well I've finally done it. New version released. Install from the link above or through FF Update.
  • [2006-01-21] New release just about done. All international backends rolled out. Site cleaned up. URL's fixed. Wiki pages cleaned. More coming very soon.
  • [2006-01-13] Almost a year since the last update! Shame on me. Project is not dead. New release imminent with 1.5 support and a lot of new features and improvements.
  • [2005-01-20] Most links should be working again!. Yay.
  • [2005-01-05] Happy New Year! New Site. Please bear with the update.
  • [2004-12-07] 500 users in the guestbook!
  • [2004-12-01] Have been away. Will return 2004-12-03. -John
  • [2004-11-11] 0.12+ will now work in Firefox 1.0 Either reinstall, or request an update through Firefox. you may have to tell Firefox to update either through Preferences > Advanced, or Extension Manager.
  • [2004-10-04] Progress on cleaning up the backend has been good. Private WikalongWikis will be possible soon.
  • [2004-10-04] Guestbook module added to the wikalong.backend
  • [2004-09-24] Version 0.12 Now Available! Fixes all Title and Location bar problems, as well as numerous other bugs. Considered very stable. Moving towards 1.0
  • [2004-09-23] Over 5,000 downloads! (probably a lot of upgraders included)
  • [2004-09-23] Candidate for 0.11 release from other revisions. Improved memory footprint. Any UI problems caused by wikalong now at least go away upon closing the sidebar.
  • [2004-09-20] New Version 0.10. Please Upgrade!
  • [2004-09-16] Running Kwiki through Apache::PerlRun. Seems faster. Had to disable this. Memory leaks and xml mime-type problems.
  • [2004-09-11] submitted to
  • [2004-09-10] Submitted and accepted to Freshmeat
  • [2004-09-09] had then removed mod_perl. (Kwiki::ModPerl not ready yet)